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Payroll – Contractors


Now that you are working for ARx, we can place you onto our payroll.  To ensure you are paid at the end of each week you must submit an authorised Time Sheet to us

Alternative arrangements can be made by agreement between ARx and our Client.  You will be informed of such variations

The following details must be completed on your Time Sheet

  • Your name, job title, Client name and address, to whom you report and their position/title and the week commencing date
  • The number of hours worked must be shown clearly and be signed by an authorised representative for the Client
  • Do not complete details such as employee number, booking number, notice period and order number as these are for ARx use only
  • Limited Company Contractors must ensure that a Limited Company invoice accompanies their Time Sheet

Payment to You


Payroll is processed at ARx every week on a Tuesday morning.  To guarantee the BACS is credited to your account each Friday, we must receive your completed and authorised Time Sheet no later than 10:00Hrs on a Monday

Receiving Your Time Sheet/Invoices

Time Sheets/Invoices must be faxed or e-mailed to us at


01580 212685